Cables for IEM's

Topaz (Gold Plated Silver with TNC Structure)

Topaz is optimized for hear-able frequencies that are sensitive to human ears, due to unique Continues (Eletro) Gold-Plating technique over Pure 99.99% solid core Silver. Equipped with TNC Structure, Topaz not only offer amazing dynamic range, low frequency rumble and impact, but also clarity, depth and width of sound stage with neutral tonal balance. Topaz unlocks the full potential your IEM has to offer, presenting real-like experience with unlimited fidelity.
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Crystal IEM cable (Supreme Silver Clay Copper)

Crystal – as its name, crystal clear sound with extraordinarily high resolution, crystal clear but sweet vocal without exaggeration. Crystal uses a customized silver-plated copper – Supreme Silver Clay Copper, which is made by the latest electro-plating technology.
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Mercury IEM cable (Pure-Silver)

Benefits from the solid core Silver, Mercury has its own unique warm, powered and sweet sound signature. Moreover, Mercury uses Star Cord as the main cabling technology in order to offer a “clean” and “black” background compared to conventional IEM cables. Mercury is considered to have the most affortable price among Pure Silver IEM Cables.
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Mars v2 IEM Cable (copper)

High Resolution studio reference monitors developed in collaboration with Capitol Studios.
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Fusion v2 8-braid IEM cable (hybrid)

Fusion V2 benefits from the Copper and Silver, offers great dynamic range and clarity across the full spectrum.
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T-Wave v2 IEM cable (silver plated copper)

Having the most affordable price among various IEM cables, T-wave V2 is undoubtedly the choice of replacing your original cable. T-wave V2 effectively improves bass response, clarity and resolution compared to original cables.
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