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Crystal IEM cable (Supreme Silver Clay Copper)


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Crystal – as its name, crystal clear sound with extraordinarily high resolution, crystal clear but sweet vocal without exaggeration. Crystal uses a customized silver-plated copper – Supreme Silver Clay Copper, which is made by the latest electro-plating technology. Also, Crystal uses TNC(Total Noice Cancelling) cable structure which is our latest cabling technology used in our flagship, Topaz.


The core material of crystal uses a new continues electro-plating technology. The silver layer of SCC(Supreme Silver Clay Copper) has a thickness of about 15 times thicker than that of the conventional silver-plated copper, the content of pure silver is over 5% out of the whole conductor. In which, nearly close to the silver content of Silver Copper Alloy. However, due to the skin effect, the electronic signal tends to transmit over skin depth*. With new silver-plating technology, SCC allows more details in high frequency compared to silver-copper alloy.


*Skin depth is defined as the depth between the outer surface of the conductor and the level of electronic current mainly distributed in the case of A.C.(Alternating current).



Core material SCC (Supreme Silver Clay Copper)
Inner isolation material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Shielding material Ultra-SPC (Ultra Silver Plated Copper)
Warping material DuPont PVC+Nylon
Conductor thickness in AWG 21.3(Overall)
Conductor thickness in mm2 0.385
Default cable length 1.25 Meters (Including connectors)
Country of origin
Hong Kong


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