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Ice Lab EX5

From: $750.00

2 BA for bass, 2 for mid, 1 for high. Balanced and clean sound. Good for professional and home use.

Left faceplate design *

Right faceplate design *

Left shell design

Right shell design

Sockets *

Cable connector



Ex5 Description

Impedance 23,5 Ohms(1 kHz)
Freq Range 10Hz - 16kHz
Sensitivity 112dB
Isolation 24dB
Drivers Type
Balanced Armature
Number Of Drivers 5
Drivers Configuration 2 BA - low; 2 BA - mid, 1 BA - high
Crossover 3-way
Cable Material OCF (99,9999%) litz (16*0,1mm)
Cable Length
Shell Type Closed
Shell Materials Acrylic
Shell Shape Universa
Made In Hong Kong


Silicon tips, 3,5 to 6,25 converter.


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