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Precious Series – Topaz cable (Gold Plated Silver with TNC Structure)


Topaz – Natural Tonality with Astonishing details and sound Imaging.

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After deep investigation in cable structure. Shielding, ultimate solution for Premium IEM cable structure. Each cable of ICELAB Precious Series comes with Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core Copper as shielding material, ideal conductor for grounding purpose. Shielding provides effective attenuation of EMI/ RFI noise, offering the cleanest and the most silent background for your own music at all time.

Inspired from the unique sound signature of Silver-Gold Alloy. Topaz is optimized for hear-able frequencies that are sensitive to human ears, due to unique Continues (Eletro) Gold-Plating technique over Pure 99.99% solid core Silver. Equipped with TNC Structure, Topaz not only offer amazing dynamic range, low frequency rumble and impact, but also clarity, depth and width of sound stage with neutral tonal balance. Topaz unlocks the full potential your IEM has to offer, presenting real-like experience with unlimited fidelity.

To maximize the sound performance and musical details, Furutech’s CF-735 SM(R) will come with Topaz by default. Jacks from the Furutech are all beautifully finished with beautiful sounding. The CF-735 SM (R) features a one piece  construction α (Alpha) pure copper conductor with audio grade nylon glass fiber resin insulation for minimal impedanc e and a stainless and carbon fiber finished housing for superior damping.

Topaz is also available in Lite Edition with 2-wire option, which offer exploration in ultimate listening experience with advanced Gold-Plated Silver.

Core material (4um)Gold Plated Silver Over 99.99% Solid core Silver
Inner isolation material High Desnsity Polyethylene (HDPE)
Shielding material (1.5um)Silver Plated over 6N OFC Copper
Warping material High Grade Dupont PVC + Nylon
Conductor thickness in AWG (Core) 26.7 +(Shielding) 23.3 = 21.7
Conductor thickness in mm2 (Core)0.108 +(Shielding)0.236 =  0.344
Default cable length 1.25 Meters (Including connectors)
Country of origin
Hong Kong


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