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Flagship Series – Ice Lab Reference


The latest flagship EST-BA hybrid IEM –  by ICELAB.

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“REFERENCE” – Perfect tonal balance with super-rich details. Embedded with ZEN’s Drivers design and ELMO Crossover System, REFERENCE is undoubtedly the best In-Ear Monitor ever made, by ICELAB.

We are proud to announce ICELAB new flagship in-ear monitor in our series, REFERENCE. Having the best combination of the latest technology in the field of Pro-Audio application, the most high-end audio electronic components, the finest silver conductor between drivers and our patented crossover system – ELMO Crossover System.


REFERENCE provides astonishing details with incredible smoothness, ELMO Crossover System is also re-designed to fit our new electrostatic tweeter. In order to match the sensitivity of the electrostatic tweeter, a new impedance balancing technique has been added to the ELMO system. This new technique is used to compensate for the difference in sensitivity between different types of speakers, smoothing the transition between hearable frequencies.

The new electrostatics tweeter provides extremely high frequencies up to 40kHz, you can clearly feel the exact position of performers and the air movement of each musical note of your recordings. One of the most charming characteristics of REFERENCE is the atmosphere in recordings of live performances. The extra-wide soundstage offers sensational experience with infinite fidelity that you haven’t experienced in other high-ended IEMs before.


To achieve the perfect tonal balance in REFERENCE, the most high-end audio grade capacitors and resistors are equipped. Inside the crossover, military-grade VISHAY resistors ensure the accuracy of low frequencies, making the bass deeper and more punchy. Also, Nichicon audio grade electrolysis capacitor provides sweet and clean vocal performance. Last but not least, the Panasonic thin-film capacitor is responsible for high frequencies with incredible smoothness and astonishing resolution.

Impedance 67.5 Ohms
Sensitivity 103db
Drivers Type
Electrostatics - BA Hybrid
Number Of Drivers 10
Drivers Configuration ESTx2, M-High x2, Mid x2, Sub-woofer x2
Crossover 4-way ELMO Crossover System
Cable Material SCC(Silver clay copper) with Ultra-SPC Shielding
Cable Length
1.2m (meters)
Shell Type Transparent
Shell Materials Acrylic
Shell Shape Designed Especially for REFERENCE
Made In Hong Kong


Silicon tips, 3,5 to 6,25 converter.


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