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Premium Series – SICE


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By intergrating the ELMO technology, SICE is specifically designed for musicians and audiophiles. SICE’s incredible smoothness and resolution offers a sensational experience in any type or recordings or live mixes. SICE is ideal for musicians and audiophiles looking for accuracy and resolution.

Benefited from the slightly V-shaped frequency response, super-high and sub-bass are the most attractive part of Sice. Punch, speed and resolution of bass all hit onto the sweet spot of your listening experiences. Moreover, the detailed super-high part of the SICE forms an atmosphere of the whole sound stage and accurate distances between performers.

SICE is likely a combination of ELMO’s technology and Zensation Series.Thanks to the driver structure from Zensation series, which uses Full Range speaker as the main part of the full spectrum, all drivers are in totally phase with each other.

Impedance 16 Ohms(1 kHz), 71.5 Ohms (DCR)
Freq Range 5Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 106 dB/SPL
Isolation 24dB
Drivers Type
Balanced armature
Number Of Drivers 6
Drivers Configuration 2 BA - full range, 2 BA - sub-bass, 2 BA - super-high
Technical design BA bass venting, ELMO's crossover, Zensation design
Crossover 3-way
Cable Material OCF (99,9999%) litz (16*0,1mm)
Cable Length
Shell Type Closed
Shell Materials Acrylic
Shell Shape Universal
Made In Hong Kong



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