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Zensation Series – Ice Lab ZEN 8 v2


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Working with local studios in Hong Kong, Icelab developed new series – Zensation, which was designed specially for monitoring. With highest details and fidelity of real musical instruments, Zensation series is specially designed for pro-audio use.

Bass, is the most difficult part when developing Zensation 8.  Having opinions from different sound engineers and producers, an accurate, tight and firm bass is the most wanted from industry insiders. When listening to Zensation8, bass is not emphasised. But even bass is not emphasized, you can clearly hear when bass notes starts playing and when it ends, no extra dirty bass echo can be heard.

Zensation 8 have very flat frequency response and accuracy from 500Hz- 12kHz, gives the ability of monitoring and tuning sound recordings. Unlike other colored IEM, Zen 8 presents astonishing clarity, distance and separation dfferent musical instruments.

Unlike traditional IEM tubing design, Zensation 8 benefits from the “Horn Nozzle” earphone design, allows more space and air between drivers and eardrum. Therefore, Zensation 8 has more opened, wide and depth sound stage that you can feel it.

Impedance  32 Ohms (1 kHz)
Freq Range Hz - kHz
Sensitivity 109 dB/SPL
Isolation 24dB
Drivers Type
Balanced armature
Number Of Drivers 8
Drivers Configuration 2 BA - full range, 2 BA - mid-high; 4 BA - super-high
Technical design BA bass venting, horn nozzle, Zensation design
Crossover 3-way
Cable Material OCF (99,9999%) litz (16*0,1mm)
Cable Length
Shell Type Closed
Shell Materials Acrylic
Shell Shape Universal
Country of origin
Hong Kong



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